Lorenzo Bolognini┬áLike all the good stories this website’s own is long and tortuous. It all started sometime in 1999.

After having passed most of my teenage years reading almost all Charles Bukowski and what was at that time available of John Fante in Italy I set out to make a site about the latter.

Both of these authors had been tremendously important for me, albeit in different ways: while Bukowski helped suit my teenage rebel spirit, John Fante reconciled me with good writing. His apparent simplicity was deceiving, but over time I was able to appreciate his real legacy: Fante was what James Joyce would have wanted to be if Life hadn’t tasked him of coming up with the stream of consciousness. Fante managed to build upon giants’ shoulders sublimating the story-telling tools that were invented and sharpened before him in terrific prose where every little shade of his characters psychology is a butterfly sculpted out of the marble like in Canova’s Amore e Psiche.

Back in 2000 the Internet was in its infancy and I was just a student but the site managed to draw a decent amount of attention, especially from the Italian crowd but working life was around the corner and I soon got swallowed in it, while the site started collecting dust. Then suddenly, in the rage of a moment resembling those of Arturo Bandini when he resolves to make it right, I decided to take the site down and rebuild it from scratch… needless to say it never got done…

So here I am, after more than 10 years, rebuilding the site I had in mind at that time: a site where visitors can gather and comment on the works of this man that filled in us a void with characters at the same time funny, hysterical, fragile, unjust that are so human they still live with us today and make everything else feel more bearable!

– Lorenzo Bolognini

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