If John Fante’s books were a medicine

If John Fante’s books were a medicine, the leaflet would be something like the following:

  • Composition: each book contains 2 pounds of poison, an ounce of peace, a ton of anger and two of passion
  • Suitability: in all cases of literary boredom, disorders of the critic system, chronic apathy, heartburn
  • Dose: for adult patients, give in heavy doses, without limits even several times per day. For pregnant women and children, seek medical advice
  • Contraindications: known hypersensitivity to the best literature, allergy to any kind of masterpiece
  • Precautions: when you start the treatment, make sure to have many extra doses handy
  • Interactions with other literature: in most patients receiving the treatment it was noted and irreversible change of literary taste, therefore it’s recommended the patient not to open other books while reading Fante, unless they are works of other great writers
  • Special note: keep out of reach from stupid people
  • Side effects: desire to read incessantly
  • Best before: the product does not expire

Author: Marco Vichi

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