Mining the gold in the city dump

Kate Kordich Fante bookAsher Brauner interviews Catherine J. Kordich

One night I was sitting on the bed in my hotel room on Bunker Hill, down in the very middle of Los Angeles. It was an important night in my life, because I had to make a decision about the hotel. Either I paid up or I got out: that was what the note said, the note the landlady had put under my door. A great problem, deserving acute attention. I solved it by turning out the lights and going to bed. (opening sentence of Ask the Dust, 1939) Continue reading

Character Analysis of Arturo Bandini

Arturo Bandini, a luckless Italian-American living in a self-fashioned
purgatory, is a pivotal–and apparently semi-autobiographical–character in
two of John Fante’s novels, Wait Until Spring, Bandini and Ask the Dust.
Fante’s mixture of straight narrative with stream-of-consciousness and
entrancing images creates an all-too-vivid portrayal of Arturo’s dilemmas Continue reading